She Will Punish Them: Tentative Suggestion For An Alternative Levelling Path

A tentative suggestion for an alternative levelling path. Update V0.780 at time of writing.   Skills (in order of acquisition) Regeneration Fast Learning Athletic Hardened Skin Trading Note: Max out each skill in turn, according to the order above. This creates a very smooth ascent for your character. Picking ‘Regeneration’ first means you are unlikely … Read more

She Will Punish Them Cheats Guide (How to Enable & Custom)

This guide will explain how to open the built-in cheat menu, which cheats are available per default and some stuff related to modifying the cheat menu itself. Warning: We recommend you cheat in the single-mode to have fun. if you cheat in the co-op or online mode and get punished, get headache, break your game installation … Read more

She Will Punish Them: How to Get Back on the Map When You are Stuck

If you get stuck between rocks or when you fall through the ground … don’t worry! I got you with this simple trick. NO loss of progress or loot anymore.   Situations Let’s say you play the lvl 10 dungeon and fall through the ground behind the boss chest or you get stuck between stones in the small arena … Read more

She Will Punish Them: How to Switch to Old game Version

The old (before HD overhaul) build of the game is still available. This ‘guide’ will show you how to switch to the old build. Important: Make sure to backup your saved file before you switch to the old version.   Backup save file Open up windows explorer and go to %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\ Now the easiest way to … Read more

She Will Punish Them: Companion Guide (How to Find & Use)

A guide to your companion, including where to find them, how I have leveled mine and how I use them in combat. Note: the latest Update V0.750 released on July 9 that had been Improved Lingerie System, New Lingerie Shop, and Torture Devices.   Available Companions Currently you can only have 2 companions in your combat … Read more