Seraph’s Last Stand: All Ascensions Guide

A quick ref guide to all the in-game ascensions you get from repeatedly selecting powerups.   Intro Collect the same power-up to achieve a specific ascension/evolution. The number you need is given under the ascension text, but may vary depending on how the game is patched. Ascensions Stackable upgrade Ascension Burning man: No image available … Read more

Seraph’s Last Stand: Staffs & Hats

Here is a full list of all effects of every Staff & Hat. Spoiler Alert!!!   Wizard’s Hats Wizard’s Hat – A cool pointy hat. Helmet – More Armor & Less movement speed. Propeller Beanie – Double jump but can’t control jump height. Uncommon Hat – Get only uncommon cards (Green one’s). Challenger’s Hat – Double enemies & 20% chance of … Read more