Second Extinction™: How to Unlock Tokens & Perks

Describing how to unlock with tokens and using your perks.   Unlocking Skills + Perks Explained When you’re in the field and hunting down different dino’s, some of those dino’s will drop materials. These materials are used for unlocks when it comes time to upgrade your weapons and perks. From the example below we will … Read more

Second Extinction™: Best Character & Weapon & Equipment Guide

Which character/weapon/equipment is the best? How do you win more and die less?   Introduction Hey all, Feroni here. I’ve been playing the heck out of this game and I’ve already gotten pretty decent at it so I thought I’d share some of the information I’ve gathered here. I don’t want to make this too long … Read more

Second Extinction™: How to Run on Windows 7

Want to play this on Windows 7? Look no further!   The Guide Download ReShade 4.7.0, you don’t need to install the program: Using WinRAR or similar, right-click on ReShade_Setup_4.7.0.exe and select “Open with WinRAR” or equivalent. Extract only the “ReShade64.dll” from ReShade_Setup_4.7.0.exe and place within the game’s directory where SecondExtinction_F.exe is located. Rename “ReShade64.dll” … Read more

Second Extinction™: How To Solo Kill A T-Rex

This guide will teach you how to solo kill a T-Rex   How do you go about doing this? The easiest way I’ve found to kill a T-Rex is to use the Grenade Launcher. THE GRENADE LAUNCHER IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR AMIR The reason for the Grenade Launcher will be explained below, but the main … Read more