Scrapland Remastered: How to Set a FPS Limit

In case your graphics card is pushing too many frames per second in this old game for you, you might want to limit the FPS of the game in order to save on compute resources, unnecessary wear and energy. Unfortunately there is no such option in the in-game menu. But there is still a native … Read more

Scrapland Remastered: All Cheats Codes

Here is a full list of all cheat codes in Scrapland Remastered.   Codes and Purposes God- Gives the player Infinite health, ammo and ability power. Yoda- Kills enemies automatically. Megagod- god and Yoda combined. shent- Tested probably does something. Freeze- Freezes everything but player. Unfreeze- Unfreezes after freezing. Speed (Number)- Changes speed. mss- Crashes the … Read more