Scrap Mechanic: How to Change Tapebot Damage

I create this guide because i think tapebot has to big damage in this guide i will show how to change tapebot damage   step 1 step 1 click LMB on scrap mechanic click properties then click LOCAL FILES then Browse step 1 done! step 2 open scripts then open game then open units then … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: How to Create a Pixel Art Totebot

In this guide you will learn how to create your own pixel art totebot in 8 easy steps!   Step 1: First make a ten by seven cube and and add four one by two rectangles at the bottom. These will be the front legs. Step 2: Next add the side legs as shown. Done … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: How to enable Console Commands

NOTE: This is easier with Notepad++ but NOT impossible without it!   IMPORTANT Notepad++ Download: MAKE A BACKUP OF THE FILE BEFORE EDITING IT! I am NOT responsible for corruption of any kind if you choose not to back it up! The Steps 1. Find where Scrap Mechanic is located on your hard drive(s) For … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: How to Easily Adjust Crude Oil Yield

I’m sure grinding in survival will be addressed by devs, it’s early access after all, but as a temporary solution crude oil yield can be increased. There are already mods that tweak quantities of some resources, but since they require manual installation I figured you might as well adjust values to your liking. Note: it … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: How To Remap Keybinds

Here is a guide to help those struggling with remapping the keybinds !   Before We Begin You will need to use Notepad++ (Its FREE) Get it here – What To Know It’s important to understand that Scrap Mechanic doesn’t use the typical keybind configuration system found in most games. Each physical key on your keyboard has … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: How to Make or Change Crafting Recipes

A quick guide on how to make the game fit your needs by altering the crafting recipes. A good way to balance the game for single players.   Modifying Craft Recipes 1. First, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic\Survival\CraftingRecipes 2. If you do not have Notepad++, a simple google search should point you into the … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: Small Tips on Farming

Here are some tips for you on farming in Scrap Mechanic game.   Basic farming information(Based on my experience) 1. All plants are divided into tiers, which defines which bots will attack you during night. First tier plants are : potatoes(need testing), carrots, radish and tomatoes Second tier plants are : oranges, bananas, blueberries(need testing) … Read more

Scrap Mechanic: How to Cheat on Survival Mode

This guide will show you how to cheat on Survival Mode !   How can I enable cheats? 1) Go to “D:\installed folder\Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game” and find “SurvivalGame.lua” file. or Right click on Scrap Mechanic in the steam library, select properties> local files > browse local files> Survival> Scripts> game> SurvivalGame.lua Open it with Notepad 2) Go … Read more