SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer: All SCP-914 Recipes

This guide will contain all recipes from SCP-914.   SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer All SCP-914 Recipes Battery Ballistic Vest Clipboard Documents First Aid Kit Gas Mask Hazmat Suit Keycards Night Vision Goggles Radio ReVision Eyedrops, SCP Syringe S-Nav Player Thanks to Sanorev for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read … Read more

SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer: How to Host a Server (Co-op)

For those wanting to play co-op with their friends/lovers/f*ckpals/clowns etc.   Getting Started! To host a server for you and your guys, gals and other pals, you’ll need to know how to Port Forward. If you don’t know how to Port Forward, there are plenty of guides online to do so. All you typically need is … Read more