Rainbow Six Siege – How to Be An Ash Main

A Guide On Learning The Dropshotting, Quick Peaking, Monstrosity Known As Ash


Ash Main (How To Rush)

How To Play Ash:
2 ways to play her. The Fun Way. And The Smart way
Fun Way: (everyone knows ash is naturally bulletproof)
Step 1
Hold down the shift key off of spawn. as soon as you get to the doorway nearest to you, use your gadget on it and run through that♥♥♥♥♥♥
step 2
Listen for everything. As you are running you will eventually learn to drown out ash’s footsteps and you will be able to hear everyone near you.
Step 3
Get as close to people as you can before you kill anyone. You want rounds to last at MOST 30 seconds. so get down into there as fast as you can. scare the helmet right off of tachanka. Cav rotating to roam? Dropshot her into oblivion.
Step 4
Once you down the last enemy you can let go of your shift key. Go up to the downed enemy and either A. Breach charge them, B.use your gadget on them. Or C. flashbang them. And as soon as they die. T-bag the ever living hell out of them.
Congrats, you just successfully Ash rushed.


Ash Main (How To Play Smart)

Ok Now For The More Serious Aproach.
Ash is really strong, she has a very nice primary and a very average one. 90 percent of the time you will be using the R4-c. Now the g36c isnt a horrible option either. The reason its never used is because it has to compete with the R4. She also has access to one of the most versatile gadgets in the game for breaching soft surfaces, For 1 reason…. she doesn’t have to stand anywhere remotely close to the wall to open it. Her gadget has 0 dropoff, meaning as long as the surface you want to break is in your line of sight, you can do it from any distance.

So to play ash more tactically, talk with your team, position yourself where you can be helpful on other maps. Ash can carry alot of the weight on her shoulders so you shouldn’t really need help clearing rooms around the objective.
Using your gadget to help the team instead of personal gain. assist your team as much as possible, whenever they need something opened or a new line of sight is needed.
You can open soft floors with the gadget as well, and if you hit under a person you will do a big chunk of damage as well.
If bandit has a wall shocked that your thermite needs to get through, go underneath and blow the floor where the wires are(if this is possible, not all floors are soft in the game)

Reposition! A Lot….
Ash is a 3 speed, this makes her have the ability to pick people off and rotate extremely fast, she is able to go from window outside of pool on clubhouse through garage doors into garage extremely fast, she can rotate from treehouse on house to living room or front door extremely fast, dont be afraid to rotate after a kill.


This guide was written by Riptide