Rain World: Setup Values Guide

This is a complete guide about setup settings, with values pulled straight out of game’s code.   What are those things? Definition Setup Values (or Initialization Values, often referred as setup.txt by the community) is a special set of debug settings which can be used to alter the way game works. You may be familiar … Read more

Rain World: How to Raising your Slugpup

A complete guide to raising your very own slugpup.   Unlocking Slugpups To unlock slugpups, you need to finish Gourmands Food Quest. Basically, eat almost everything in the game. Theres a food tracker above your hunger to help you. These are all the foods you need, from the wiki.   After completing the food tracker, … Read more

Rain World: How to Setup a Keyboard Splitter with Steam Remote Play

A (hopefully) helpful guide to help you setup a keyboard splitter with Steam Remote Play !   Getting the program This whole guide is aimed at being able to use your own keyboard as a “controller” instead of using an actual controller or the host’s keyboard. First things first, you need the keyboard splitting program. … Read more

Rain World: The Official Expedition Mode Guide (New DLC Downpour)

Everything you need to know about the new game mode added with Rain World: Downpour   Introduction Expedition is a challenge oriented game mode featuring permadeath and progression. Pick a character and prepare for an expedition by selecting which challenges to undertake. A successful expedition will grant points and varying rewards depending on what was … Read more