RAIDBORN: Steam Achievements Guide (Early Access)

A Guide for all Steam Achievements so far Version: Steam.2023.04.06   Missable Achievements – Riddler Collect 25 Mystery Cubes and have them in your Inventory.– David vs Goliat Kick an enemy into a trap while holding the wooden sword.If you sold your wooden sword, save your SaveFile and start a new save. Afterwards put in … Read more

RAIDBORN: Save File Locations

This Guide helps you to find your SaveFile of RAIDBORN Version: Steam.2023.04.06 Save File Location Open your Windows File Explorer and go to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\LocalLow\Phodex Games\Raidborn The file with “player.sav” contains all information about your character and world. Copy paste “player.sav” somewhere to save your progress. Without or deleting “tutorial.sav” you get some of the tutorial … Read more