Radio Commander: All Mission Storyline Guide

Radio Commander offers an unique experience very different from classic real time strategy games. Here is the mission 1 to mission 7 storyline guide. we will update the new mission later.

Mission 1: Hearts and Minds

“June, 1965. Somewhere near Bien Hoa.

Alpha and Bravo platoons of the 5-503rd, 173rd Airborne Brigade are sent on a patrolling mission to the countryside.
Primary objective is to win the hearts and minds of South Vietnamese people. Talk to the locals. Show them that US and South Vietnamese governments are looking after them, and are eager to defend them from Vietcong.
Investigate any Vietcong activity, you’ll hear of.”

Mission 2: The Hill

November, 1965. Biên Hòa. Operation Hump.

C Company of 1-503rd, 173rd Airborne Brigade was sent to push the enemy from the Hill 66. But they got pinned down and are unable to evacuate their wounded and KIA.
Alpha is already in place, securing the LZ and supporting C Company. Bravo is on the way on board of Green squadron’s choppers.

Your primary objective is to secure the hill, dig in and hold the perimeter.

Secondary objective is to evacuate all C Company’s wounded and KIA using Green squadron.

Mission 3: Bamboo Pentagon

January 1966. Ho Bo Woods. Operation Crimp.

The Agency claims to have found large VietCong headquarters hidden in underground tunnels. Chances are it is the infamous “Bamboo Pentagon”, orchestrating the actions of North Vietnamese forces.

Your objective is to search the area, find the headquarters and destroy it.

The area of operations was scorched by heavy bombing, so enemy resistance should be low. Still, you should choose your LZ carefully while deploying Alpha and Bravo. Be on a look-out for mines, snipers and booby-traps. Use air support when needed.

Mission 4: Prisoners of War

June 1966, Bình Long Province.

We’ve localized a VietCong camp near the Cambodian border, North-West from the town of An Lộc. We believe that’s where the prisoners of war are being detained before they are flipped across the border. Our intel also says that private Tomasevitz from Green Two is among those POWs.

For the purpose of this mission, Special Forces unit Delta will join Alpha and Bravo platoons. Delta soldiers are the famous Green Berets, specializing in long-range reconnaissance and the art of camouflage.

Your objectives are to search the area, locate the enemy camp and free the prisoners. You have to keep it quiet. If you alarm the VietCong forces, prisoners will be evacuated, or worse – killed.

Mission 5: The Convoy

September 1966, Bình Dương Province, Operation Attleboro

The ARVN camp next to the Xa Loc Ninh village is under heavy siege. The enemy uses artillery and heavy equipment. Our allies need manpower and supplies.

Your mission is to protect the support convoy.

Be advised that the communists are getting more confident. More and more soldiers are being transferred through Cambodia to South Vietnam. You are no longer fighting only against Vietcong guerrillas, but also against the well-trained, well-equipped and very determined North Vietnamese Army.

Mission 6: Hammer and Anvil

March 1967, Tây Ninh Province. Operation Junction City.

The time has come to hit the VietCong and NVA forces hard and cripple their operational capability. For this purpose, a part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade will drop behind enemy lines to flush out the squads operating in the region and push them towards our positions. We call this the “hammer and anvil” tactic.

You will play the role of the hammer; the 196th Infantry Brigade – known as the Charger Brigade – will serve as the anvil.

Intelligence reports say you will face the well-trained forces of the NVA’s 9th Division. They are not rookies. These are seasoned fighters aware of your superiority in weapons and equipment, so they will most likely avoid contact. You should aim to do so as well – your objective is not to destroy the enemy units, but to push them towards the anvil.

Mission 7: Battle of Dak To

November 1967, Kon Tum Province, Operation MacArthur

A well-informed sergeant from NVA’s 6th Regiment defected to the South. According to his intel, a large number of NVA soldiers is gathering near the city of Đắk Tô in the Kon Tum Province. We suspect that something big is coming. This intel must not be ignored.

That’s why Echo platoon was sent on a long-range reconnaissance patrol. In case of any problems, Alpha and Bravo platoons are there to help.

Written by braaaur