R-Type Final 2: All Ship Passwords

All the passwards for all the hidden ships in R-type Final 2   What is available At the moment There are currently 4 known Passward hidden ships, 2 of them are not released yet as of October 16, 2021. 1 password is PS4 Exclusive. This will be updated once the full roster is completed. #3 … Read more

R-Type Final 2: Standard Set Up (FAQ)

Here is a tutorial on how to set up the game with some useful FAQ, hope this will help you.   Controller settings It seems switching controller in game is recognized well. Note: Some other games require to restart game after switch controller. Recommendation 1) Disable Steam Input for avoid possible bug and input lag … Read more

R-Type Final 2 Save Files Location (How to Manual Back Up)

R-Type Final 2 is a horizontal-scrolling shooter video game developed and published by Granzella. Part of Irem’s long-running R-Type series, it is a sequel to R-Type Final released in 2004. it is now available on Steam. if you want to find the save file location or back up the save files. here we will tell … Read more

R-Type Final 2: First Launch Keyboard Buttons

Here are the buttons to get you into the menu.   Buttons SPACEBAR to confirm Q to Cancel O to skip intro cinematic Enter to save changes Recommended quick video settings Set display to Fullscreen (it defaults to borderless which may lag) Turn off Vsync Set desired FPS Set game to display keyboard butons Glitches/workarounds as of version 1.0.1 When … Read more