Primal Carnage Extinction All Admin Commands 2021

Here are the basic admin commands for Primal Carnage: Extinction game.   -Login- -AdminLogin [Password] -Enable Cheats- -Admin Enablecheats -God Mode- -Admin God -Player List- -AdminPlayerList -Set Scale- -AdminSetScale [Player Number] [Size (1-100)] -Set Health- -AdminSetHealth [Player Number] [Number (1-1000000000)] -Set Speed- Set Speed: -Admin SetSpeed [Number] only works for yourself -Kick/Ban- Kick/Ban: -AdminKick [Player Number] -Admin … Read more

Primal Carnage Extinction: All Admin Commands 2021

Here are all admin commands for Primal Carnage Extinction game. here is also a simple tutorial on how to enable admin mode.   How to be/login as admin Start by pressing F7 and write Adminlogin (password) Congratulation you are now a admin Now for be able to use all commands down, writre Admin enablecheats God mod For be invincible … Read more

Primal Carnage Extinction: Basic Admin Commands

if your admin on a server, if you want to log in you need to type Adminlogin (The password) into the console by pressing F7 or the `/~ key on your keyboard. After that do Admin enablecheats so you can get access to doing any admin command. And lastly do Admin god, which protects you … Read more