Predator Hunting Grounds: Game Configuration

Simple guide explaining all kinds of stuff related to the configuration of the game. (Config File Editing is not possible!)   Disclaimer It is not possible to change the games settings via the config files. The config files are just a dump of the current settings, which the game is loading from a save file … Read more

Predator Hunting Grounds: All Achievements (How to Get)

Here is a list of all achievements and how to unlock them.   Tips Achievements can be earned in private matches Kill boars and shoot barrels whenever you can, so long as you don’t compromise your position Most trophies can be earned through organic gameplay It is inefficient to try to unlock achievements that can … Read more

Predator Hunting Grounds: Fireteam Classes & Character Properties

Here is the basic fireteam class and character properties for Predator: Hunting Grounds game. Note: This is a work in progress (WIP). I plan to add to this guide in the future.   Stats Here is a run down of the stats for each character: Health represents health of your character (wow 5 stats). Stamina represents sprint length. … Read more