PGA TOUR 2K21: Xbox Controller Configuration

Fast guide to configure your controller like a pro.   Step 1. Enable Xbox Configuration Support Open basic steam client settings and select Controller > General Controller Settings. Check Xbox Configuration Support as shown in the picture. Close the window. Step 2. Configure Stick Response Curve Click PGA TOUR 2K21 title from your library with left mouse button. … Read more

PGA TOUR 2K21: Secret Achievement Guide (Nananana)

Here is a guide on how to easily unlock the secret achievement Nananana in PGA Tour 2K21.     Secret Achievement – Nananana Nananana Sink 5 putts in a row in the putting practice without mulligans, or using Place Ball. Unlocking The Achievement Start a Putting Practice session: Change the Putting Practice difficulty settings to have Beginner Swing Difficulty and Unlimited Putt Preview: … Read more

PGA TOUR 2K21: Pro Swing Controller Config

Dualshock 4 Gamepad config for Pro gameplay difficulty which is required for entering into official tournaments.   How to import my pro swing Dualshock config Enable Steam Big Picture mode Click Library > Click PGA Tour 2K21 Tile > Click Manage Game > Click Controller Configuration > Click Community . Look for Dualshock Pro Swing … Read more

PGA TOUR 2K21: 4 Tips for a Consistent “Mouse Swing” at 1600 DPI

There’s a lot of debate over how to make the swing timing playable in PGA 2K21. Game became dramatically more playable with a 1600 DPI mouse by disabling v-sync, adjusting the in-game sensitivity, and using the in-game swing calibration activity. The Nuts and Bolts After struggling for 50+ hours to unlock a consistent swing with … Read more