Per Aspera: 100% Achievements Guide

SPOILERS — guide to unlocking all achievements   Terraforming These are achieved by completing the terraforming objectives given: Terraformer 1 Terraformer 2 Terraformer 3 Terraformer 4 Terraformer 5 Special Projects These are achieved by doing special projects. Nuke Mars! Find the abandoned silo and then launch the Microsuns special project from orbit. Elya will walk … Read more

Per Aspera: Tips & Tricks (Beginner’ Guide)

Per Aspera is a massive planet-sized city builder and terraformer. Before you begin your journey on Mars, take a look at these tips and tricks we wish we knew before beginning the game!   Out of power? If you’re stretched for power due to overexpansion or lower solar efficiency, try turning something off! It’s likely … Read more