PC Building Simulator: Custom Water Cooling Builds Guide

Having troubles building efficient water cooling builds in PC Building Simulator? Wondering what to do with all those parts you just unlocked? Seek no further: Ship is here to help with this noob friendly guide.   Introduction To General Cooling PC Building Simulator allows you to experiment with all differents kinds of PC parts, from … Read more

PC Building Simulator: How to Take Notes

A simple tip using a windows feature that will allow you to take notes, in game, for creating shopping lists and keeping up with customer requests without whipping out a pen and paper since the devs have not added a way to take notes.   1. Open The Game Bar Before or after you open … Read more

PC Building Simulator: Earn Money Faster & Maximize Profits

Here is Earn Money Faster & Maximize Profits, a guide to help you do exactly that in PC Building Simulator! Enjoy!   Key Points Know the budget limits. Story job budgets can be ignored. Non-Story jobs allow 10% over-budget. On every Upgrade and Repair job, replace as many customer parts as you can! Install only … Read more