PAYDAY 2: DSOD Assault Rifle Anarchist Build

This Guide will assume that you’re a new player to Payday 2 and want a decent loadout to make helmets fly, This is my preferred loadout for running Assault Rifles with Anarchist and is viable for Death Sentence, One Down and lower.   Requirements for Build What Do I Need For This Build? This Build … Read more

PAYDAY 2: Anarchist SMG Build

This is my Anarchist SMG build for personal reference and friendly discussion.   Overview This build may not be competitive at high levels of play, but works great on Overkill or Mayhem. Very little utility like drill upgrades, but doc bags and inspire helps keep the team up. The main purpose of this build is … Read more

Payday 2: How to Skip Intro

Payday 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games.  here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to skip the intro video in the game.   How to skip the intro in Payday 2? You could double click, press ESC, etc, to skip the intro. if you want … Read more

PAYDAY 2: AFK Exp Farm (Step-by-step Guide)

Afk Holdout exp/rewards/achievements farming step by step.   Step 1. Start Holdout with bots. Start holdout offline with ai: on or online with ai: on, drop in: prompt Step 2. Bots equipment. Im using: Thanatos .50 cal sniper rifle Step 3. Bots near the hostage. press “z/y” on the bots to stay in place near the … Read more

PAYDAY 2: Buluc’s Mansion Animal Guide

The Mayan wheel serving as a combination lock into Buluc’s office was a bit obtuse and esoteric for me my first time playing Buluc’s Mansion. But after watching a video or two on it, it suddenly clicked for me. I may have been an idiot, but I’m making this guide (my first Steam guide) to … Read more

PAYDAY 2: Buluc’s Mansion Achievement Guide

Mainly shows all loot locations for Everything but the Patio Furniture   Loot Locations (Everything but the Patio Furniture) Be careful, this is one of the hardest stealth achievements in the game by far. There are nine bags of loot dotted around the house, excluding the bags found in the wine cellar. I highly recommend … Read more

PAYDAY 2: Achievements Guide (Crimson Shore Update)

Achievement Guide for the Crimson Shore Update!   Contract information Difficulty variator values: 0.50 1:00 after the alarm was raised 0.75 after completing 1 assault 1.00 after completing 1 assault   Achievement – Sugar, Lard and Scorpions Sugar, Lard and Scorpions Find the churro. Unlocks the “Undead Peacock” mask. Top of the chandelier in the … Read more

PAYDAY 2: Churros Location Guide (Crimson Shore Update)

Payday 2 new update 200 is now available on Steam. Here is the location of The Churros, Its on the Chandelier above the main entrance.   PAYDAY 2 Churros Location The location of the Churro is in the main entrance on top of the chandelier, You can get there by going up the stairs and … Read more

PAYDAY 2: The Technician Armorer Build (DSOD viable)

Always wanted to help the team with a viable build even on DSOD ? You’ve come to the right place.   How do I play this build ? Due to the nature of the perk deck, Armorer, you can’t be running around like a chicken. You will be defensive, which is to be expected on DSOD. … Read more

Top 8 Best Payday 2 Weapons You Should Equip

What are the Payday 2 best weapons? If you want to be a Payday 2 heister, you need equip the good weapons. You can not complete any heists in the game without the appropriate weapons. Here GamePretty will guide you the Payday 2 best 8 weapons in the game.   Before the top 8 Payday … Read more