Path of Exile: Item Filter (Work for New Lake of Kalandra)

Simple Item Filter created by Tomojiro   Latest ChangeLog Update for 3.19x Lake of Kalandra (Caution : Updated filters don’t work on 3.18x. Wait for replacement until 3.19 begins) There are always mistakes and omissions in GGG’s item filter advance information, so I will probably need to update filters again after 3.19 begins.Check completed Works … Read more

Path of Exile Leveling Guide 2021

The most efficient way of leveling through Path of Exile while still acquiring all the useful quest rewards, with minimal backtracking or wasted time.   How to read the guide *WP. Waypoint DC/TP: Log out/in game or use Portal Scroll to get back to Town. (!): Crafting recipe in area. Optional: 1. Drop a portal … Read more