OpenTTD: Savefiles for All Versions (Past Main Menu)

I compiled this list of all the download links so you can easily download the savefiles of past game releases   Savefiles for All Versions Version 1.13: Alt: 1.12: Alt: Version 1.11: Alt: Version 1.10: Alt: Version 1.9: Alt: Version 1.8: Version 1.7: Alt: Version 1.6: Version … Read more

OpenTTD: How to Place Your Stations Efficiently

Beaming is when you stretch a station’s footprint using separate station tiles and intermediate shuttle services, typically to significantly shorten or eliminate travel distance. This guide will explain how to do it.   Introduction Have you ever encountered two or more productions that are close to each other, but not close enough to cover them … Read more

OpenTTD: Server Creation & Port Forwarding

If you want to host multiplayer network games, you need to set up an OpenTTD server on your computer. This guide will explain how to do it and how to forward the ports if you’re connecting to the Internet through a router.   Starting the server 1. From the Main Menu, click Multiplayer 2. Click Start Server … Read more

OpenTTD: Simple Train Station Configurations

Just simple train station builds to make your life easier 🙂 Ro-Ro stations can handle high amounts of traffic. I tend to run 40+ trains on my railways and have no issues with stations. Terminus stations can’t handle that much and I only use them for a couple of trains. *Ro-Ro stands for roll-on roll-off, … Read more