OMORI: Save Files Database and How to Switch Save Files

A list of save files (all with a WTF value of 13) that you can use to skip to various parts of the game, whether if it’s because you want to replay the game, get certain achievements, or to view another route. This will also show how to switch/replace your save files in the game. … Read more

OMORI: How to Edit and Change Stats (Cheats)

This how to experience the story of Omori, A.K.A changing the stats of each character, so you can just focus on the story rather than the combat. Don’t do this unless you genuinely enjoy grinding the sh*t out of the game, and enjoy being pummeled by bears for 30 minutes.   HOW TO EDIT STATS … Read more

OMORI: All Enemy and Boss Locations

All the enemies and bosses you need to fill out Foe Facts. Beware: there are spoilers for areas in the game and bosses.   Introduction If you are aiming to get the “Foes Filed” achievement, then it is important to note that some enemies and bosses are exclusive to the Hikikomori route. If it’s your … Read more

OMORI: Whale’s Belly Puzzles Guide

The guide to the three puzzles in the laboratory inside the whale’s belly. !!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!   Introduction After you reach in the laboratory inside the whale’s belly, you will find an area with three puzzles to solve. Below is the resolution of each color puzzle. Blue Puzzle Blue puzzle – Easy The puzzle is only released … Read more

OMORI Achievement Guide (Tips on How to Get)

A breakdown of OMORI’s achievements, with tips and instructions on how to get them. This guide is meant for those interested in achievements while being mindful of spoilers as much as possible.   Introduction Welcome! This guide will offer instructions and tips on how to earn achievements in OMORI with as little hassle as possible. … Read more

OMORI: All Key Locations

The locations for all the keys and in what order you can obtain them in. Spoilers are tagged,   Section 1 – Prologue Location – Vast Forest A – In the grass near a stump. This one is the easiest, of course. The first one you can find. Follow the red steps near the stump … Read more

OMORI: Hector & Duckie Jr Location

OMORI is a new indie game that you explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. here is a simple guide on how to find the locations of Hector and Duckie JR.   Where to find Hector the pet rock Orange Oasis Hector can be found at the Orange Oasis. You have to go … Read more

OMORI: All Endings Guide

A way to see on how to reach the various endings. This guide contains major spoilers.   Boss Fight You will be in the recital room during the finale of the game. Play the violin. Enjoy the cut scene. You get to the white space to will confront Omori. A fairly interesting boss fight will … Read more