No Man’s Sky: How to Clear All Terrain Edits Using the Save Editor

Getting close to the edit limit but can’t remember where you dug out that entire ruin? Lot of sloppy base building, but don’t want to fight with the restoration tool to repair literally non-existent edits? Just want a fresh start on terrain edits? Look no further.   Foreword and Warning Terrain manipulation is… lets just … Read more

No Man’s Sky: How to Fix Repeat 16 Bug on New Endurance Update

Quick manual fix for new Repeat 16 bug on new Endurance saves.   Save Editor Use the goatfungus save editor available on github Instructions This is a manual fix for the new “Repeat 16” BUG affecting new Endurance saves. ==================== I use the GOATFUNGUS editor available on github. 1. Open your save w/the editor 2. … Read more

No man’s sky: How to Transfer Xbox Game Pass Saves to Steam

If you do not want to start the game from scratch, having lost the progress made in the Xbox, then you can transfer the save.   Required programs To work with Xbox save you need the NomNom Save Editor [] . To work with Steam save you need No Man’s Sky Save Editor [] . Java 8 [] must be installed for the … Read more