Night of the Full Moon: Knight Guide (Full Moon Mode)

How to play as the Knight: the best ways to build a deck, what to use and what to avoid



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Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother relied on each other for living, and was often bullied by boys. As a result, she did not have many happy memories of her childhood. However, she had learned to use her brain and fists to survive.

The Knight is the first class that many Night of the Full Moon players will use. The idea is to tank as much as possible, or deal damage in short enough amounts of time.

This guide will cover various strategies, as well as blessings that the Knight can use to her advantage as she cuts through her enemies or shields herself.

Note: In this guide, “Diaries Mode” refers to the checkbox above the difficulty modifier, which adds cards only found in the game’s second mode, Red Hood Diaries.

Character’s Abilities
Out of combat: Baptism

Upgrade one card from your deck. Cooldown of 5 combats.

Use whenever its cooldown is up, as the free upgrades are very nice. You still have access to Smithies as this character.

Can make the Enhance option on level-up slightly less useful, but you can take that for extra upgrades if you need them.

In-combat 1: Combo

Copies the next card you use. Cooldown of 2 combats.

The new card is temporary. Use in conjunction with powerful cards like Bolster, or when using equipments gained via Wonderful Collection or Weapon Master. Cooldown is low enough that it can be used virtually whenever you feel like it.

In-combat 2: Tenacity

Gives you armor equal to your missing health. Cooldown of 3 combats.

In a pinch, can be used to survive. Note that it may not work to save you if the opponent can use piercing damage!!!

You could also use it as an offensive ability combined with Piercing Attack or Spike Barrier, but it would depend on the amount of health lost.

Deck Archetypes

There are several deck archetypes for the Knight. They are detailed below.


The idea of this deck is to use as many defensive Equipment cards as possible. This includes Beast Trap, Blazing Cloak, and Bizarre Rune. Bizarre Rune is key to this deck’s function; if you can’t get it, try something else. The deck also uses Armor and other defensive cards to survive while their equipment does all the damage.

On level-up: Equip Slot>Card>Action>HP=Money

Changes in Diaries Mode: Toy Spear is a valid choice for this deck; would recommend Sleeping Wind Knight as the Sealed Memory card, or choosing no card at all.


This is the above but for Dirk and Lightning Blade. Put draw-cards cards in your deck, cull the rest, and go ham.

On level-up:

With Fork/No Memory: Equip Slot>Card>Action>HP=Money
With Fist: Equip Slot>Action>Card>HP=Money

Changes in Diaries Mode: Stabbing Pain exists now. Go wild. Fatal Fork or Mechanical Fist could work. If your deck contains more Actions, run Fist; otherwise go Fork.


Keeps all the Basic Attacks from the beginning of the game, along with Boxing and Crazy Axe, to deal high amounts of damage. Battle Trumpet blessing is nearly a requirement.

On level-up: Equip Slot>Card>Action>HP=Money
If one of the options is the Crazy Axe Equipment, take it 100%.

Changes in Diaries Mode: Not too many. You could go Fatal Fork or Mechanical Fist on this one, I think Fist may be better.


Bolster, in conjunction with Piercing Attacks and Spike Barrier, can allow a player to do massive damage.

Note that Bolster isn’t usually found until chapter 3. You may need to use different Armor cards until you find Bolster, if at all.

On level-up: Equip Slot>Card>Action>HP=Money

Changes in Diaries Mode: Champion’s Cloak exists now. None of the Sealed Memory cards particularly fit; I would go with Sleeping Wind Knight, or none at all and save the slot for another, better equipment.

Decks can absolutely be mixed and matched with each other.


You have one advantage over every enemy in this game: the help of powerful blessings that can change your deck.

This list of blessings will only go over blessings that only the Knight (or a few other classes) can obtain. All-class blessings can be helpful if the Fairy’s blessings aren’t as useful as +60 gold. Vampire Codex is always good.

Note that some blessings have to be unlocked by completing Hard mode on various characters.

Normal Blessings

Effect: +2 Action at the beginning of a combat.
Explanation: The +2 Action is applied only once per combat.
Usage: A defensive Armor deck would do better to have this, due to the effect of Tower Shield (draw an Action card that gives Armor from your deck). Alternatively, a Mechanical Fists deck would love this blessing.

Effect: +1 damage to all equipment cards that deal damage.
Explanation: This does not apply to indirect damage, such as Poison Dagger’s effect.
Usage: Highly useful on an offensive Equipment deck. The Dirk you start with slays using this card, as does Lightning Dagger.

Effect: When you equip a card, deal 6 fire damage.
Explanation: This works if a card is in an equipment slot and when an equipment card is played during a fight.
Usage: Very good on a deck that constantly gets Equipment cards using Whim and the like. This effect alone can kill lower-level monsters.

Effect: When you use an Action card, use an Attack from your deck.
Explanation: None further needed.
Usage: It can be a very useful card in a deck involving Basic Attack cards, or the Dirk/Lightning deck. If it’s from a fairy and you see something better, you can skip this one.

Effect: Duplicate the first Action card you use each combat.
Explanation: The new card is temporary (disappears upon use)
Usage: It’s OK, I suppose. There are better blessings for sure.

Effect: Reduces the action cost in your hand by 1 at the start of each combat.
Explanation: Only applies to the very first hand you draw. No other cards will be affected.
Usage: Good for an Action-heavy Armor deck.

Effect: Deal 1 fire damage for each card enemy uses.
Explanation: None needed.
Usage: Use only if you plan on having Bizarre Rune (enemy takes more damage on their turn) equipped.

Rare Blessings

Effect: Deal +1 damage.
Explanation: None needed.
Usage: Useful for decks that benefit from Cheese Trap, such as the Dirk/Lightning Blade deck. Not as useful if your deck is full of heavy-damage cards.

Effect: Your Basic Attacks deal 2 more damage.
Explanation: None needed.
Usage: Extremely good when combined with Boxing and Crazy Axe (both giving you extra Basic Attacks) If you have less than 3 Basic Attacks owned when this pops up, forget it.

Effect: Add a temporary Attack card to your hand each turn.
Explanation: This card can be any card obtainable by the Knight.
Usage: Can be very fun, and can assist against enemies who fill your deck with useless cards, but not usually viable.

Effect: When you deal damage >=10, deal double damage, applies only once per battle.
Explanation: None needed
Usage: Try to avoid using big-damage cards with this until you can get a strong combo. I don’t personally use this in my decks.

Effect: The first attack card you use in a combat is played 3 times.
Explanation: None needed
Usage: Good if you’re running a deck that could use 3 Swift Strikes or 3 Crushes on the first turn. A very good pick for most decks, assuming nothing better is there.

Effect: You gain 1 Equipment slot. At the beginning of a fight, all equipped items are copied into your deck.
Explanation: Yes, all of them.
Usage: This is my favorite blessing to use, but mostly because I love offensive Equipment decks.

Effect: For every 5 damage you’ve dealt this combat, deal 1 piercing damage at the end of your turn.
Explanation: This includes the damage dealt by Justice Trial’s effect.
Usage: Can be very good for an Armor deck, to allow you to keep pressuring the opponent.


Slide Slot
Effect: Double the damage of the cards you play on the first turn.
Explanation: None needed.
Usage: Any attack-heavy deck will appreciate this, even more if those attacks are big damage already.

Toy Box
Effect: Round effect of all equipments trigger twice.
Explanation: This includes all equipments with the phrase “at the beginning/end of your turn”.
Usage: Very good on decks that use Sleeping Wind Knight (you’ll actually have two Wind Knights afterwards!) or otherwise use many of the affected equipments.

Mini Rake
Effect: Double the armor you gain.
Explanation: None needed.
Usage: Bolster was already powerful. With this blessing, it’s a god card.

Pandora’s Box

Effect: Adds a random Equipment to your deck.
Explanation: Any Equipment obtainable by Knight.
Usage: If you don’t like the Equipment this gives you, exiting to Main Menu and continuing will undo the choice. The random Equipment will be the same after a reset.

Effect: +2 Equipment Slots, -1 Action
Explanation: None needed
Usage: If you need the Action for the Defensive Action deck, don’t bother.

Effect: +1 Equipment Slot. All monsters equip a Dirk.
Explanation: None needed
Usage: The downside isn’t too terrible, especially with Numbness. A good idea if the other Pandora option is worse.

Effect: You deal +1 damage and take +1 damage.
Explanation: This includes damage dealt to yourself through Sacrifice, Dual Destinies, Etc. They will be applied to you at +1 damage.
Usage: If you’ve gotten Cheese Trap or Fencing, there is no reason to take this. Numbness negates the downside, but I’ve always felt that it’s easier to just have Numbness.

Effect: You gain 2 equipment slots. You draw 1 less card at the start of each combat.
Explanation: None needed.
Usage: This will mess with Wild Fire’s and Slide Slot’s effect. Otherwise, it is an incredible Pandora option to find.


If you have any ideas for other decks, cards to go over, ways to format this guide better, please comment below!

If you want to translate this guide to another language, you have my full permission to do so.

The next guide will be a Ranger (Full Moon) guide, whenever I get around to actually doing that, I will link it here, as well as any other guides I create.

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