Night of the Dead: New Player Reference Map Update A2.2.0

Reference map for the Alpha 2.2.0 update. It includes book locations, mines, banks and high yield zones. Rooster (aka Kurewe)   New Player Reference Map Update A2.2.0 Click it to enlarge it Thanks to Rooster for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the … Read more

Night of the Dead: Stable Decent Quality Settings

This is How is Manage to get rid of nearly all Stuttering While being able to retain somewhat decent quality   Settings #1 Start By turning Vsync Off and Cap Fps Below Monitor Refresh Rate in the game settings “Do not use Nvidia CPanel for fps capping its clunky” #2 See Pics For Best Ingame … Read more

Night of the Dead: All Books (How to Find & Use)

For where to find all 11 books and what they do.   Where to find? Five of the 11 books are located in fixed places. The other 6 are found randomly on book shelves inside buildings around the world. Let’s look at those five books first. Click on the map below. To zoom in. press … Read more

Night of the Dead: Dedicated Server Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to setup a dedicated server.   Prerequisites 64-bit Windows (Linux is not currently supported. I’m currently working on it.)4 GB available space Memory: 16 GB RAM Install Install SteamCMD on your host (SteamCMD Download Link) Launch SteamCMD on your host and use it to download the server files.(Remove the … Read more

Night of the Dead Guide (Tips & Tricks)

An introduction to the game and a bunch of tips and tricks. Aiming to cover most of the core gameplay.   Introduction I like this game a lot, but I prefer reading guides to watching youtube gameplay videos and tutorials. Since I haven’t found any “large scale” general purpose guides yet, I’m writing this one. Obviously … Read more