Necrosmith: 100% Achievement Guide

A definitive guide on how to unlock all 21 achievements in Necrosmith   Introduction Necrosmith is a single-player game with 21 achievements in total. Here’s a quick summary: Minimum playthroughs to get all achievements? One Glitched achievements? No Easily missable achievements? No Do cheats disable trophies? No cheats available Does the difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty selection By the way, … Read more

Necrosmith: All Recipes List

A list of all known (to me, and all who comment) recipes in-game. Note: This list is still not complete and we will update it later, if you know the missing recipes, please leave a comment and we will add it with your credit.   List of Recipes (1-20): 1. Skeleton Rogue: Head: Skeleton Head … Read more