MONSTER HUNTER RISE: How to Reset Shaders

A quick and simple guide on How to Reset Shaders when needed.   What do you need this information for? Monster Hunter Rise¬†does pre-render its shaders at the first time when you start the game, and whenever there is either a major game or graphics drivers update. Over the time it can happen that those … Read more

MONSTER HUNTER RISE: How to Unlock FPS and Higher Resolution (Works in Cutscenes Steam Version)

For some reason Capcom locked the cutscenes to 30 FPS and 100% Resolution regardless of your settings. I will show you how to fix this with some simple mods. This will also allow you to truly unlock the framerate and upsample the resolution beyond 150% in the whole game as well.   Requirements REFramework: … Read more

MONSTER HUNTER RISE: KB Button Layout For Gunners (Steam Version)

The default controls for Keyboard and Mouse are all kinds of weird, youve tried to change them, but have ran into more issues than solutions. You want to use KB+M for Gunning, but, It just isnt working for you.   The problems (Currently?) with the key binding The KB+M default controls are… bad. Period. But … Read more

MONSTER HUNTER RISE: Recommended Keyboard & Mouse Control Settings

Like World, Rise kinda goes crazy with mouse & keyboard if your mouse has more than the average amount of inputs- Here’s a recommended list of changes I think you should make to your keybinds, as I find this the most comfortable setup.   To Find These Settings… Get into the game itself, complete some … Read more