Mon Bazou: How to Make Maple Syrup by Firewood Efficiently

This guide will show you the most streamlined way to run maple syrup by burning firewood. The methods I show have all been figured out through roughly 24 hours of gameplay focused only on producing as many barrels as I could running syrup using firewood while grinding to connect to grid power and buy an … Read more

Mon Bazou: All Eggs Location (V0.27x Update)

Locations of the six eggs added in the V0.272 update.   How to FindĀ All Eggs Egg 1 – Player’s Home Egg 2 – Francis’ House Egg 3 – Snack Delivery Egg 4 – Kali-Gas Egg 5 – Decorations Store Egg 6 – Maple Syrup Federation Congratulations! You found all the eggies. o3o Thanks to FennecFollie587 … Read more