MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline: Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP Event)

Mod created by DarkHunter It TRIPLES the EXP and DOUBLE the REWARDS For the EXP permanent event “Escaping from the Floating Ruins”   Introduction This is an event you unlock very early into the game, don’t quite remember which level, but you’ll soon have it if you don’t yet. Yet it’s a very annoying “auto … Read more

MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline: How to Cheese the +30% HP Clearance Condition

X DiVE might have kept some Pay2Win mechanics. And now that is Free2Win you can use them for this completion achievement.   What’s This About? Every stage in X DiVE has three complete conditions: Beating the stage, beating it in less of 300 seconds (5 minutes), and beating it with 30% or more HP. While … Read more

MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline: How to Unlock Events Quickly (Farming Guide)

Wanna get the halloween, summer, and other variants of your characters like, right now? Here’s a way to do so.   What’s This About? The Events will be unlocked once you reach Level 60. However, the Power required to play them is incredibly high unless you grinded units and upgrades for hours. Since I am … Read more