Mech Mechanic Simulator: Breaking the Economy Achievement Guide

If you played the game before patch #3 and printed a lot of money using stock market exploit, you should have got this achievement when you continue the game (and found out your suspiciously large amount of shares confiscated by the dev). If you missed the chance, or you are an newcomer, read more to … Read more

Mech Mechanic Simulator: Step-by-step Guide to Electronics Station

A step by step guide on how to work with the Electronics Station.   The Basics The Electronics Station is one of the workshop upgrades you purchase early on in the game and it’s purpose is to allow the fixing of parts marked as “Broken Cables”. While the station itself is purchased just ones it comes … Read more

Mech Mechanic Simulator: Calibration Logic Guide

Quick guide for the logic sequence of Calibration testing   Example Layouts Below are a typical example of the two types of puzzle layouts you can expect to see. The general information is the same in all puzzles with the exception that some will display LOG.ERROR(); which will need to be worked around with an additional item … Read more