Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to Build Friendship for Almost Everyone

How to Build Up Friendship with almost Everyone.   Blade Loves (+7) -Fishing -Have a Drink -Meditation -Working Out Likes (+5) -Bird Watching -Foraging for Mushrooms -Painting -Picnic -Playing Cards -Reading by the Fire Dislikes (0) -Stargazing -Watching a Movie Captain America Loves (+7) -Deep Conversation -Playing Cards -Working Out Likes (+5) -Stargazing -Watching a … Read more

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to Disable 2K Launcher

The 2K Launcher has historically caused performance issues and crashes with many games, and Midnight Suns is no exception. This guide will help you disable the launcher and launch the game directly!   Locate MAIN executable Right click on the Midnight Suns entry in your Steam Library and pick Properties. Go to LOCAL FILES and … Read more