MannaRites Cheat Codes

Here is the simple tutorial for you to cheat in MannaRites game.   There’s a cheat code for healing in case you need one! =) At any moment of the game go to pause menu, then navigate to the menu (the one with “resume”, “go to map”, “how to play”, “go to main menu” and … Read more

MannaRites: How to Change Controls

Here is a simple tutorial for you on how to change controls for MannaRites game.   How to Change Controls in MannaRites Game? You can change controls in game. After you start/continue a game press F4 to get to the controls menu. ^^ Edit: you can also navigate through the different menues by pressing Q … Read more

MannaRites: Basic Gameplay (Tips & Tricks)

Magus Porgom is a pretty hard to learn / play character at first, his personal difficulty is marked as “veteran”, which means that he’s best suited for seasoned warriors. His “special move” is a set of 4 unlockable spells, between which Magus can switch using Utility button. As a resource for special move, unlike Warrior and Acrobat, who are … Read more