Magical Diary: Wolf Hall – Save File Locations

Here is a guide on how to find the save file locations in Magical Diary: Wolf Hall game. On Linux it’s ~/.renpy/MagicalDiaryWolfHall/ On Windows IIRC it’s %APPDATA%\Roaming\RenPy\MagicalDiaryWolfHall On Mac it should be ~/Library/RenPy/MagicalDiaryWolfHall/ Depending on what the underlying problem is, if the corrupt files are in the Steam cloud they may still cause problems even if … Read more

Magical Diary: Wolf Hall Cheats

this game is based on renpy so you can always do the renpy cheats, go to your game install folder and then go: Magical Diary Wolf Hall\renpy\common and open the file 00console.rpy in Notepad ( i use Notepad++) then go to row 98 were it will say: config.console = False change this to config.console = … Read more

Magical Diary: Wolf Hall – Side Routes Guide

There are some side routes you need to unlock in Magical Diary: Wolf Hall game. here is a guideon how to unlock them. this guide is not complete. we will update later.   Luke: the easiest, I was just nice to him Pastel: I followed Minnie’s route Angela: I followed William’s route, sent him a romantic valentine, was … Read more