MADNESS Project Nexus: “Burger Detective” Achievement Guide

This guide will help guide you through the “Burger Detective” achievement for Madness: Project Nexus! Complete with visual guides.   1. Introduction Welcome to the guide! This guide will help you complete the “Burger Detective” achievement. This achievement can be pretty difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily for you, I’m here to … Read more

MADNESS Project Nexus: How to Play Arena-Mode with Your Friends

This will finally let you play Arena-Mode with your friends in co-op!   <How it works> Hank will become a normal Arena character. This means his stats and money will be seperate from Player 1. However the inventories are shared. Hirelings will be Disabled. Even if you don’t have a friend to play with, this will let you … Read more

MADNESS Project Nexus: How to Replace Models & Textures

Here is a modding guide created by Explo to help you replace the models and textures in the game.   Requirement Tools [Unity Asset Bundle Extractor][] To extract, and replace assets. [MANDATORY] [Asset Studio][] To view models, and export into .FBX format. [Optional]   How to Replace Models & Textures Setup STEP 1. Create two new folders … Read more

MADNESS Project Nexus: Tips & Tricks (Abilities, Weapons, Enemies and Bossfights)

This will be a guide for players who are having a tough time with the game and feel like they can’t get the hang of things. This will cover general gameplay tips as well as boss fights. Obvious spoilers ahead.   Know Your Abilities Knowing how to control your character and use all their abilities … Read more