Lumberjack’s Dynasty: All Rare Fishing Spots

In this short guide, I would like to present the locations of all 10 Rare Fishing Spots I’ve found throughout the entire game map.   Intro In this guide, I’ll be posting screenshots as well as short descriptions of locations where I managed to happen into any special fishing spots, as well as specifics of … Read more

Lumberjack’s Dynasty: A Guide to Cooking for Profit

Yep its another spreadsheet analysis on profit margins for another game I’m playing ^^)   The Spreadsheet Beginner Breakdown: Most of the raw product with the exception of Honey can be bought from a store and processed in the kitchen for a profit. Stores: I suggest always buyout the following items in any shop you … Read more

Lumberjack’s Dynasty: All Vehicle Lists

This guide gives a list of vehicles in the game.   Introduction I’ve made this guide to list all the vehicles we currently have in Lumberjack’s Dynasty as of v1.01 on March 1st, 2021. The game shows very little info for each, so one is supposed to buy blind. Vehicle data Origin Type Name Full … Read more

Lumberjack’s Dynasty: How to Get All Vehicles

Lumberjack’s Dynasty is a unique life simulation game where you are a lumberjack building up a business and founding a lasting dynasty for generations to come. the game is still very early access, & not all items have been fully added to the game. There are more things being added with each update, so patience … Read more

Lumberjack’s Dynasty: How to Find Mushrooms

Lumberjack’s Dynasty is pretty much a Harvest Moon type of game. You work away using tools and begin expanding on your little world. here is a guide on how to find mushrooms in the game.   How to Find Mushrooms in Lumberjack’s Dynasty? You have to talk to Lily first before you can pick or highlight the mushrooms with … Read more