Loop Odyssey: Mechanics & Formulas Guide (How Mechanic Works)

This guide aims to explore how every single mechanic in the game works, and how they interact with each other. As we are discussing all of the mechanics, this guide will have some early spoilers on how the mechanics themselves work at the beginning, and an info dump with spoilers for the full game at … Read more

Loop Odyssey: Core Mechanics Guide

A guide to the core mechanics of Loop Odyssey. This guide is a work in progress, and may contain spoilers.   Introduction Welcome to my mechanics guide for Loop Odyssey. On the surface this game appears to be fairly simple. With only three actions and four directions at our disposal I wouldn’t blame you if … Read more

Loop Odyssey: Quick Tips for Leveling Tiles

Since this game relies on running the same tiles over and over in consecutive loops, you want to ensure that your hero is stepping on the same tiles as often as possible, sometimes even at the detriment of back-tracking.   Intuitive and Efficient Set-ups You may be inclined to have your starting loop lay-out look … Read more