Longvinter: Cooking Recipes & Crafting Book

Full list of Cooking Recipes and the Crafting Book content. I changed the order since it was everything mixed.   Longvinter Crafting Guide Here is the Crafting Book and the Cooking Book. I give it a different order since it was all mixed. Thanks to Kimusuko for his great guide, all credit to his effort. … Read more

Longvinter: All Items (How to Craft & Respective Mastery)

Here is the recipe to craft all items and all items with each respective mastery in Longvinter.   How to Craft Items Image Credit to Kavirkk How to Master Items Hunting master Fishing master Image Credit to Niziul’z Get the latest updates, join giveaways, chat with community members, and more on the official Discord server!

Longvinter: Dedicated Server Guide on Windows

This is a tutorial on how to host your own server for Longvinter.   Requirements and prerequisites This guide is for Windows systems. For Linux servers follow the guide on Linux GitHub page[github.com] System requirements: Broadband internet connection Router with the ability to port forward 64bit Windows 10 system Min. 3 GB RAM Also requires that … Read more