Little Witch Nobeta: Extra Chapters Manga’s Passwords

In oct 3, 2022 Pupuya Games released an uncensored version of the manga contained in the game. Those videos unlocks by completing the item collection related for each character.   Event You can find the links in the follow game event: Warning!!! Those mangas are awesome, but I strong you recommend finish at least … Read more

Little Witch Nobeta: Early Access Game Map (First 3 Zones)

To celebrate the release of Nobeta, here’s adorablerocket’s map! Like the title says, it’s his hand-drawn map quickly stitched together in Figma.   Total Map First Area – Okun Shrine Entrance Second Area – Underground Cave & Okun Shrine Continued Third Area – Lava Ruins Fourth Area – Okun Shrine Secret Area Thanks to adorablerocket … Read more

Little Witch Nobeta: All Chests Guide

This is a comprehensive guide for all the chests location in the current development stage, and I’ll be updating this guide for future updates as well. Since the chest is not hidden away that much, this guide will also have semi-walkthrough as well.   Introduction Welcome to my guide. I’ll be guiding you to locate … Read more