Legend of Mana: Coinless Weapons

This is a cheap version to boost a weapon without farming elemental coins, works with any weapon type and any material should end up easily over 200 Off Power for less than 60k Lucre. My two tests were a Lorimar Iron Hammer and a Dior Wood Spear both ended up over 400, however your results … Read more

Legend of Mana: Event Guide (Prerequisites & Fail-states)

A guide listing prerequisites, easily missed/failed quests, start and fail conditions.   Intro One frustration I’ve found in Legend of Mana is not knowing which events are missable, what their prerequisites are, or what their fail-states are. So I’ve made a basic guide for myself. There are 68 total events. I’ve organized them by quest … Read more

Legend of Mana: 19 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Tips & Tricks for new and old players alike!   19 Tips & Tricks Video Tips & Tricks (Text Pt.1) Mindset: In spite of this action RPG’s beautiful and cute art direction, Legend of Mana is deceptively complex in the mechanics department. If you approach this game as you would an open world, rather than a … Read more

Legend of Mana: Optimal Artifact Placement

Map guide to meet the requirements to get everything in the game (including the elusive Wimpy Thugling Event).   Intro To be able to get all the Events, Weapons, Pets, Minerals and Orchard Levels you need to meet certain map requirements (This is specially tricky if you want to get the Wimpy Thugling Event). By … Read more