Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game: Autobuy Priority

Master Autobuy Priority to speed up unlocks after a reset!   What is this for? You will only understand this guide after you’ve reached BLC and bought the Autobuy Priority Device upgrade. A common bottleneck after resetting is Autobuy taking a while to upgrade converters, delaying Exotic Leaves unlock. It’s helpful to learn how Autobuy Priority works instead of turning them off completely. … Read more

Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game Basic Guide

The (non) official guide to Leaf Blower Revolution! From throwing your average leaves off of your lawn to using a Jet Engine to blow leaves into your enemies for celestial rewards, this guide can help you be the greatest yard-cleaner that ever was. The first yard Its Autumn, the leaves are falling, your partner asks … Read more

Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game: All Unique Leaves (How to Get)

Here is a simple guide on how to get all the Unique Leaves.   Unique Leaves Crystal Leaf: +2 daily reward gems From Science Bastard Professor Gorb Use Hands in Neighbors Yard Requires 1 c Platinum Leaves Fire Leaf: ALB Enemy Damage increased by 800% Use the Lazer in the VOID Requires 1 C VOID Leaves … Read more