Last Call BBS: All ChipWizard Levels Guide

Solutions to all ChipWizard levels. (Some are sub-optimal)   All ChipWizard Levels Guide 1. Signal Crossover 2. AND Gate 3. OR Gate 4. NOT Gate 5. Power-on Reset 6. Digital Signal Mixer 7. Interrupt Controller 8. Ignition Sequencer 9. Equality Tester 10. Dual Oscillator 11. Safety Interlock 12. PWM Solenoid Driver 13. Electronic Lock 14. … Read more

Last Call BBS: Tips for Dungeons & Diagrams Puzzle

Tips to jumpstart your Dungeon Diagramming!   Introduction Dungeons & Diagrams is a Nikoli-style puzzle. There are 64 puzzles included in the game. I certainly haven’t gotten through them all yet, but I’ve been enjoying them, and I figured I’d share some of my insights…This is especially for people who haven’t encountered this type of … Read more