Knightfall A Daring Journey: All Enchantments Guide

Here is a detail guide to deep look into enchantments.   How to obtain Enchantments. Every town has one or more spot where chests can spawn. Using E on them will let you open them, it will take 10sec for the chest to open giving you a random enchantment: Overcharge Reactivity Vampirism Frost Energize Toxicity … Read more

Knightfall A Daring Journey: Beginners Guide

Win the game and propose to your best bro (in a non-gay way)   What the ♥♥♥♥? You start the game, get put besides a horse with a random stranger whom you are about to marry (hopefully), and get told to “Get The Rose”. What? Try to hold in your gay panic and heed the … Read more

Knightfall A Daring Journey: Routes Skips Guide

Basic routes for each spawn point -orange dot spawn -red line is most optimum rout for a easy W -blue line is a graphed secondary strategy -yellow line is a graphed Third strategy – no line is a route that should not be used or is slower to take then skipping in the grass – … Read more

Knightfall A Daring Journey: How to Fix GPU Usage Issue

GPU usage capped at 100%? Fear no more.   Problem If you’re like me, noticed a weird smell in the room, opened your Task Manager and saw this: then hopefully this guide should be able to help you get rid of that situation.The GPU I’m using is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. How to Fix … Read more