Klang: 100% Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements for Klang, SPOILERS AHEAD



About time this was made! Spoilers ahead, watch out!

Man I love this game! First game I 100%’ed a lil while back and MAN that was a ride. Still though, I feel like some of the achievements require a kinda weird, out-of-the-box thought process (like the whole ‘Time Paradox!’ family). Which is great! Really rewarding figuring it out. But I felt really frustrated a few times, and so I decided to make a guide! …2 years later… but a guide nonetheless! Let me know if anything’s wrong here, or if I missed any!

Points/Score Based

Seeing Red!

Score a 9x multiplier.
Easy enough, play through a song without missing a hit, slide, or jump long enough that your screen turns red.

Taste of S!

Score your first S rank.
On normal, play through a song without making any mistakes.

Enter Nightcore!

Score your first SSS rank.
After beating the fake final boss, you will have unlocked nightcore mode. Switch to it through settings and complete a level without making any mistakes. Like getting an S rank, but harder since songs plays faster.

True Hardcore!

Finish with a track score of 250 or higher!
Beat the secret final level (see “The End!”) with 250 or more total points. Points are calculated depending on your final score for each level.

D = 1 point
C = 2 points
B = 3 points
A = 4 points
S = 5 points
SS* = 6 points
SSS* = 7 points

There are 50 levels alltogether, so this can be accomplished on normal mode with all S’s.

“The Completionist!”

SSS rank it all!
Just about what it says on the tin. Complete the game (see “The End!) with a score of 350, which means getting an SSS rank on everything… which means beating every level with no mistakes on nightcore mode. Easily the hardest achievement in the game.

*NOTE: SS and SSS ranks are only obtainable through nightcore mode.

Pirate Achievements

Pirate token!

Find a pirate token.
Find and successfully complete a bonus level. Bonus levels can be found in the following levels/locations:


Pirate gold!

Unlock all pirated music!
Find and successfully complete all bonus levels.

Music Pirate!

Listen to a song in the Pirat e Bay*.
After collecting a token, go to the pirat e bay*. Enter the building and down hit on the glowing circle to enter the shell. Then, pick an available song and play it.

That special song.

Listen to the last song on the list in the Pirat e Bay*.
To get to the last song, you need to collect each token from every bonus level. Play it the same as any other song in the Bay, and the achievement should pop. Though, this song is a hidden level (and it does count toward the final point count, keep in mind). I’m not 100% if it pops after you beat the level or when you start it.

*the space there before the e is to avoid censoring



Finish the prologue.
Complete the second stage.

Rock over it!

Make it out of the forest.
Complete the second stage.


Master all Shufflejumper tracks.
Complete the third stage.

Drop the Bazz!

Defeat Bazz.
Complete the fourth stage and defeat the boss at the end.

Fallen Angel!

Survive the Death Angel encounter.
Complete the fifth stage and defeat the boss at the end.

Not my god!

Defeat Sonus.
Complete the sixth stage and then defeat the boss right after (boss is technically the seventh stage). Alternatively, check Misc for a faster, secret route…

The End?

Survive the Limbo encounter.
Defeat the 8th stage boss (no levels here except the bossfight).

The End!

Welcome to the end!
This one’s a bit trickier to get, not super obvious. Here’s what you need:

1.) All pirate tokens (All bonus levels unlocked, you can check by seeing if they’re all in the netherworld.)
2.) 150 points (two ways to check this, but one involves already having this achievement. Quit to the title screen and then check how many points you have out of 350.)

Step one: Beat all levels in the main game. This will send you to the netherworld, where you can play through the additional levels there and any unlocked bonus levels. If you’ve already exited, you can reenter through the portal right outside the pirat e’s bay.

Step two: Enter into the gate area, should be the middle of the branch. Head right in front of the gates and make a downwards attack. If you meet the point/token requirements, the gates should open. Repeat for all three gates.

Step three: You should have unlocked a level at the very very top of the branch, complete it and the achievement should pop. WARNING: This is unlike almost every other level (most like VHS), and it is VERY DIFFICULT. Good luck…


Cheat death!

Dodge Sonus’ beam during the prologue.
It is possible! Run to the closer wall and quickly wall jump off towards Sonus. A sound will play, and his bossfight will begin.

Time paradox!

Defeat Sonus during the prologue.
Like the last achievement, but you have to win the bossfight. If you don’t, the game will continue as if you’d been hit by the beam in the first place and you won’t get the achievement.


Finish using the fastest path possible!
Defeat Sonus during the prologue. Same requirements as Time paradox. NOTE: This ending will not unlock the Speedrunner! achievement due to the 150 point requirement. Additionally, I don’t think that the netherworld will unlock, but I’m not 100% on that.


Finish with 0 deaths!
Now, I’m not gonna lie. Klang is a janky game. A good game! But janky. While you *could* beat the whole game without dying, it’s much easier to take the Time paradox!/Minimalist! route, as it counts as a game completion.


Finish in less than 1 hour with a 150+ track score!
Not much to say here, just go fast and get good scores. Completing the “The End!” level is required, though you’ll want to play that one last.

Wrong way!

Go the wrong way…
Two places you can get this achievement:
1.) When you fall down into the forest from the tower, go left instead of right.
2.) At the very beginning of the trickster boss level, in the empty throne room, go all the way to the right past the throne.

[/previewimg] [h1]I meant to do that![/h1] [b]Master Shufflejumper 4 early by riding the wind.[/b] On the final level of shufflejumper, use the wind that’s being shot at you to get to the end instead of completing it and waiting for the bridge. The easiest way to do this is to wait for a slide to come from the left, wait just in front of the right door, and jump while moving right instead of sliding.

I meant to do that!

Master Shufflejumper 4 early by riding the wind.
On the final level of shufflejumper, use the wind that’s being shot at you to get to the end instead of completing it and waiting for the bridge. The easiest way to do this is to wait for a slide to come from the left, wait just in front of the right door, and jump while moving right instead of sliding.