King of Retail: All E-mail Cheat Codes

These are the cheat codes introduced at full-game launch.   Activating cheats These cheats are built into the full version of the game. They are accessed through the PC in the home office (not the boutique staff-room). On the PC navigate to the e-mail screen: Navigate to the ‘Write new e-mail’ window: On this screen … Read more

King of Retail: Infinite Money Guide (Cheat Engine)

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get infinite money with Cheat Engine software.   Step 1 to 3 Step 1: Open KingOfRetail. Step 2: Open Cheat Engine Step 3: Click on file and select open Process Step 4 Step 4: Select KingOfRetail Step 5 Step 5: Select Value type and set it to … Read more