How to Play JUMP FORCE on Low Spec PC/Laptops

Quick tutorial on how to optimize Jump Force for your low end pc / laptop   How to get to the config files (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HIDDEN FILES ENABLED) Go to C:\users\(YourUsername)\AppData\Local\JUMP_FORCE\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor After going to that folder, open GameUserSettings The configuration >Set every graphical setting to “LOW” in-game >Set the in-game FPS to what … Read more

Jump Force – How to Switch Characters

Jump Force is a 3D anime arena team-based brawler which will release on February 15, 2019. if you are first to this game. you may doubt that how to switch characters in the game.   It is quite simple in the game, just push the L2 and then R1 botton, you can learn from the … Read more

Jump Force – How to Disable Motion Blur

Since there’s no option in the menu to disable it (unless you want to run Post Process on Low), this is how to get rid of the effect (in this game I think it’s overkill) Go to C:\Users\*YourUser*\AppData\Local\JUMP_FORCE\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Then in the file “Scalability.ini” add this: [PostProcessQuality@3] r.MotionBlurQuality=0 [PostProcessQuality@2] r.MotionBlurQuality=0 [PostProcessQuality@1] r.MotionBlurQuality=0 Save the file and … Read more

Jump Force – Basic Combos and Harder Combos

A combo is a set of multiple hits chained together in Jump Force. Let’s look at the Basic combos firstly.   Basic Combos You can also combine one of these buttons into another button… or a super!: X Combo > Y Combo Y Combo > X Combo X Combo > Super (X, X, X, RT … Read more

Jump Force – Mechanics Features

Here is some of the mechanics featured in Jump Force!   MOVEMENT GAUGE CIRCLE If you take a look carefully at the bottom-left corner of this screenshot, you will notice a blue circle. This is your movement gauge circle, which will be consumed via dodging or escaping. A. DODGING AND CHASING RB is the button you click/press … Read more

Jump Force – Basic Controls for Xbox

The controls, like the Storm and Xenoverse games, are admittingly simple. Here, we will go over the basic XBOX 360/ONE-format controls in Jump Force game!   THE CONTROLS: LS: Character Movement! X button: your light combo button. You can either use it as a simple multi-hit combo approach, or you can add a super or … Read more

Jump Force – All Playable Characters Full Roster & Stages

Jump Force Will launches on February 15 for PC, PS4, and XboxOne. Let’s look at all the characters confirmed so far below.   Jump Force Confirmed Character List Aizen Sosuke (Bleach) Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) Renji Abarai (Bleach) Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) Ryo (City Hunter) Cell (DBZ) Frieza (DBZ) Future Trunks (DBZ) Goku (DBZ) Piccolo (DBZ) Vegeta … Read more

The Jump Force Premium Edition And Collector’s Edition What Will We Get

Bandai Namco’s next upcoming game Jump Force will have two very pricy editions, collector’s edition and premium edition. The Jump Force Collector’s Edition has recently available for pre-order on Amazon, which will cost $260. and here is what it includes: The full game Three art books A whole diorama featuring Goku, Luffy and Naruto A steelbook packaging. You can also pre-order … Read more