Juken Jigoku: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is the Juken Jigoku all achievements guide. hope it helps you. if you have any problem. let me know.



make sure you close all the doors after you leave a room


leave doors open


get both endings


make sure you read every note book


interact with 30 elements

(The fastest way to get this is to intereact with your friends until they repeat themselves at the start and at the school gates, every vending machine, every mailbox, and as many items on the table as you can.)


Find the secret room

3rd floor locked door that cannot be opened with a key, that has this poster next to it.
spam it till the “door is locked” message pops up a few times and it should open.


collect all the school badges.

make sure you check the beginning of the game!!


go to the very left street and folow all the way until you get to this dark area (behind them)

it will be in the right corner


go down the middle street and look for this little alley way. go down it until you get to the vending machines

it will be next to the trash can on the left side of the vending machines

#3 the school grounds

go west all the way till you are near the corner with the manhole. on the right of the trashcan near the doors it will be on the ground


it will be in the classroom right after class 1-3 in one of the corners


it will be on the second floor next to the locker on the outside of the classes directly behind the second door of class 2-3 (depending on which way you came it could be the first door)


in class 3-3 next to the teachers podium


in class 3-2 in the corner


The Last One
in class 4-3 on top of the shelves here!