It Takes Two: How to Fix Loading Screen Freeze

If you or your partner have a problem at starting game or joining the other, this guide may help (hopefully)   The Problem It Takes Two can be problematic with its double overlay and co-op. For us, my partner wasn’t able to join me with a friend’s pass. Both of us tried consoles and keyboard, … Read more

It Takes Two: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a 100% achievement video guide for you. the DateTime for all achievements in the game will add below this video.   Video Walkthrough   Chapters The Shed: The Depths: 0:27​ – Minigame: Whack-A-Cody 0:52​ – Minigame: Flip the Switch The Tree: Captured: 1:30​ – Fried Friendship Achievement 2:09​ – Minigame: Tug of War The Tree Deeply … Read more