Into the Radius VR: Location of Pecho Plushies (Update 2.7)

This is a guide to where to find the new Pecho Plushies coming along with the 2.7 update.   Intro As we all know, the 2.7 update has brought in 3 collectible Pecho (Spawn entity) plushies into the game. This is where to find all of them Locations 1. Plushie at Pobeda Factory The first … Read more

Into the Radius VR: All Stashed Weapons Locations

Note: This guide contains MAJOR spoilers! I would highly suggest doing a 100% blind playthrough before reading this guide! I might have missed a weapon spawn or two. If you could, please tell me where I could find them so I can add them to this guide Supply Depot – Tokarev & Sawed-Off Tokarev Within … Read more

Into the Radius VR: The Survival Guide

The Radius can be confusing and unforgiving, learn what does what so you’re more likely to live another day.   Welcome, Explorer # The Pechorsk Radius is a scientific marvel, filled with mysterious artifacts that can grant amazing powers explorers would die for. Unluckily, you, a Changed, will die for these artifacts¬†a lot.¬†The Radius has … Read more