Inscryption: Agonizing Remorse Achievement Guide (Steam Deck)

This guide describes a way to get the Agonizing Remorse achievement for people playing exclusively on the Deck. Contains spoilers obviously. The Agonizing Remorse achievement requires the deletion of a file on your hard drive (the game will not actually delete one of your files; you have to do it yourself). This is tricky to do … Read more

Inscryption: How to Win Sigils in Kaycee’s Mod

New sigil rules in Kaycee’s Mod open up a bunch of new tactics that make winning easier if you know the tricks. Winning sigils in Maycee’s Mod The rule changes introduced in Kaycee’s Mod allow for inheritance of sigils when a parent card drops an offspring card. This opens up a bunch of options to … Read more

Inscryption: How to Win with the Egg Deck in Kaycee’s Mod

Strategy for winning with the Egg Deck in Kaycee’s Mod, includes a complete card list with stats.   Why eggs? Here are the strategies I’ve developed for winning with the Egg Deck in Kaycee’s Mod. I’ve also included a card list. If you don’t know what the Egg Deck is, then win some challenges and … Read more

Inscryption: How to Manage deck size in Kaycee’s Mod

Advice on how to mitigate all the extra cards you’re forced to draw in the later stages of Kaycee’s Mod   Foreword Kaycee’s Mod is in beta, so things might change. This guide was written for V0.25. Introduction In the later maps of Kaycee’s Mod, the biggest killer is deck size. With all challenges enabled, … Read more

Inscryption: How to Grind Ouroboros Quickly

The Ouroboros is a “carry” card. Why can’t it be an “overkill” card as well? If you never want to have to worry about Foils or Money in the later Acts, then give this guide a look!   The Set Up You must be in Act 2 Your Ouroboros should have atleast 5 Power and … Read more

Inscryption: How to Gain Foils Quickly

Guide for gaining foils quickly and easily. Spoiler alert, especially if you don’t recognize the graphic used in the guide icon.   Introduction Foils are the currency in act 2. They can be spent at merchants to purchase cards and card packs. Foils are awarded after card matches based on overkill damage. In this guide, we will … Read more

Inscryption: How to Mod on Linux

How to mod Inscryption on a Debian/Ubuntu Linux distro Prerequisites I need to get this out of the way before I say anything: I will not spoon-feed complete linux noobs on how to do basic things. I am all for giving tips and helping people (even if they’re inexperienced), but I’m not going to teach you … Read more

Inscryption: Collective Effort Achievement Guide

When I was grinding through the collective effort achievement I couldn’t find much information on all of the special cards that you can’t buy with foils. I made this quick visual guide to hopefully make the achievement go more smoothly for you all! **ACT II SPOILERS**   Before you Start I recommend (especially if you … Read more

Inscryption: How to Grind Foil Pack

In this guide i will show you how to grind foil pack very easily. It will be time-consuming so i hope you don’t have anything to do if you do this aswell. Training Dummy So first things first, you need to unlock act 2 in Inscryption. (you can unlock the act 2 when you find … Read more

Inscryption: How to Customize Decks (Editing Saves)

This is a quick guide to editing the cards in your deck in order to make the early part of the game easier. You can also use it to customize your deck for fun or trying out different card combos.   Intro This is a quick guide to editing the cards in your deck in … Read more