Infinitode 2: How to Enable DEVELOPER MODE Quickly

how to start up DEVELOPER MODE in 5 min   how to start up DEVELOPER MODE in 5 min first you need to open steam then find Infinitode 2 next click it open res open game-values.json find DEVELOPER MODE change 0 to 1 save it Thanks to RTX-4090 for his great guide, all credit to … Read more

Infinitode 2: Secret levels Guide

This guide will show you how to play the few secret levels of Infinitode. This guide requires minor modfication of the game’s .json files through Notepad++   Getting started Since you’ve clicked on this guide, you’re clearly interested in finding some interesting levels. These levels are filled with weird levels the developer has made, for … Read more

Infinitode 2: Secret Achievements Guide

This guide contains all secret/hidden achievement descriptions   Ash generator Burn 10 enemies in less than a second How? Fail the tutorial Step back Kill 100 enemies who are being thrown back in one game Rocket rain Have 100 missiles flying over the map at the same time Wow, this blew up Kill 100 enemies … Read more