Infernax: How to Get Necromicon with Good Ending

Tutorial on how to get the necromicon and get the end with the maximum goodness.   Intro In Infernax, there’s a hidden morality system. You can finish the game as good or evil, but if you really want to commit to one side or the other, you can actually earn ultimate good or ultimate evil ratings. … Read more

Infernax: Wizard Codes (Updated February 18)

Here is a list of activity Wizard codes in Infernax. Updated Feb 18, 2022 | We check the new Wizard Codes   Infernax Wizard Codes You can use the following codes to get more gold and XP in-game. keep in mind that these codes may not be work all the time and you should redeem them as … Read more

Infernax: All Enemies List (How to Find)

Essentially just a list of all the enemies from the game, with a small description if they’re unique to a route or hard to find. Spoiler Alert!!!   Lesser Demons Crucified Found once at the very beginning of the game. Undead Roach Blue Eye Imp Banshee All of the above are found in Darsov Shire … Read more