In Silence: Quick and Dirty Pro Rake Guide

Not a lot of players like playing as the Rake at the moment, it’s difficult at first to grasp and may seem frustrating. In this quick guide, I will break down some ways to help you play better as the Rake.   Start of a Game At the start, while playing as the Rake, you … Read more

In Silence: All Perks Lists

The complete survivors perks list for the game In Silence.   FAST FEET | TOE WALKING | LIKE THE WIND | FEAR OF DEATH You walk faster. You make less noise while walking You run faster and quieter. When you get rid of the monster, you run faster for longer. THROWER | A QUICK HAND … Read more

In Silence: All Achievements Guide

Guidance for obtaining all achievements in the game In Silence! For now, not all achievements are discovered to how to get them. Let me know about the achievements I haven’t discovered yet. Thank you!  Special thanks to: Val3ntyne   RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME! STUNT THE MONSTER FOR THE FIRST TIME WHEN HE GRABS YOU. – You … Read more